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Technogen Co.

Since 1996, we strongly believe that farms are modern and up-to-date; Leads to a better life for ranchers, herds and ultimately their environment. Together with the strongest companies in the world, we continue to work every day to improve farms throughout Iran. We do this as the first leading company in the fields of genetics, nutrition, sanitary detergents and microbiology in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry. Taking advantage of the experiences of our colleagues in the world and considering the knowledge, expertise and history of presence in the country’s farms, we perform intelligent management solutions and personal advice on farm management.

Technogen Company Services

Gene material (embryo and sperm)

Together with farmers all over the world, we work on producing healthy and efficient herds. We have been committed to this ambition for years. That is why we are the global leader in health and efficiency, which is an achievement we are proud of!

Livestock feeders

Supply of feed for small livestock feeders (with different capacities of 7 to 45 cubic meters in all types of self-propelled, fixed and trailing) along with supply of all main spare parts with one year warranty and 10 years after-sales service. (Exclusive representative of Seko Italy)

Calf replacement milk

Supply of replacement milk for calves, lambs and goats (Sprayfo), the exclusive representative of Sloten from Trouw Nutrition’s companies, and nutritional supplements (such as Trouw Nutrition from Glucolac, and glucose precursor (Emap) for the prevention of ketosis and Childbirth poisoning in cattle and sheep; exclusive representative of Agravis, Germany)

Calf feeding machines

Supply of calf feeding devices (milk mixer_ pasteurized milk_automatic calf feeding feeder). (Exclusive representative of URBAN Germany and ColoQuick Denmark)

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