Stationary version

VMS/ME Series, available in 3 models with capacity 33, 41, 45 m³


Stationary version, with elettric motor (ME)

With n° 3 vertical chopping-mixing augers and dented blades

With n° 2 direct discharge

Complete with electric motor

Without electric control board (see fittings)

Epicycloidal angular gearbox with 2 speed gear for a lower power absorption and quick emptying

Independent hydraulic installation with electro-valves and keyboard with cable for auxiliaries

N° 2 Hydraulically operated counter-blades

Sekotronic L150 weighing system with n° 15 programs and n° 15 components each

Frame made of high strength steel

Inspection access ladder

Upper containment edge products

Stationary version, with electric motor and hydrostatic drive by viscous joint (ME/HD)

This application permits the starting-up of the machine at “full load condition” by simply using the control board for the starting in “empty condition” (instead of the one for “full load “condition). In this way you can save on the price a lot, as well as on the energy consumption, because the viscous joint eliminates quite the peaks of absorption during the starting up phase.